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CARALARGA is a Mexican workshop of handcrafted jewelry, inspired by the raw materials of nature.

With our designs, we seek to preserve their essence and highlight its benefits well in transforming high quality handmade jewelry. We want to convey the value of our hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material.

We like things as they are. We admire the simplicity and we believe that a simple world is better. This is the source of our inspiration. We are located in the “Fábrica de hilados y textiles, El Hércules”, Querétaro, México. 

Joseline Sierralta is a jewelry designer who was born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Along with her friend, Lucia Perez, a publicist who was born in Caracas, Venezuela created Caray in November 2015. They use handmade pieces of leather and their creativity to give life to unique, colorful and original pieces that highlight the innate beauty and good taste of the Venezuelan woman. In a short time, Caray has managed to gain space inside and outside of our borders.

Maritza Fernandez- designer for Filomena Fernandez

Born in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, with Italian roots, Maritza Fernandez spent her childhood surrounded by water, mountains and homemade pasta. Her grandmother, Filomena became her role model and treasured friend. As a young child and through Filomena’s encouragement, Maritza began to develop her creativity and fashion sense.

This led her to The Design Academy Institute in Caracas, Venezuela where Maritza graduated as a fashion designer in 1989. That same year, Maritza moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she worked as an assistant designer to Kyoko Higa at Rose is a Rose. In 1992, Maritza moved to Miami and continued her career with Kyoko, selling the clothing line in the United States. After 23 years as partners, the designers combined Latin American roots with Asian culture and developed Filomena Fernandez. Filomena Fernandez represents the fusion of Latin American culture and femininity with Asian simplicity and aestheticism.

Filomena Fernandez- The Brand

The Asian-inspired womenswear line emphasizes modern minimalism that is both practical and sophisticated. With wearable separates, including loose-fitting knits, wide-leg trousers, slouchy shirts and whimsical peasant-style blouses, it brings

Hiru comes from the word Eureska (Basque), which means “three”, representing each one of the founders of the company; Beatriz, Maite and Ana. For the past two years, the company has focused (and was originally founded) on designing swimsuits. All the swimsuit designs are created by Beatriz Ayala Esverri. 

Hiru is designed for women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who like a simple swimsuit with a unique touch that draws attention from all.

In particular, we are distinguished by being the pioneers in creating swimsuits with laser cut finishes, which are a series of perfectly cut holes and grooves, decorating the contour of the design, giving it a unique and striking touch. 

Made with 70% lycra and spandex and 30% nylon. All of the garments are lined on the inside with lycra to improve the comfort and durability of the pieces. 

Creative director, Irma Alrbonoz, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Irma started her art studies at a very young age and although she took a break in her career, she resumed her studies of art and fashion design in 2013 at the Academia Showroom. She continued her studies in the Instituto Brivil in 2015 and is currently studying Business Management of Fashion at Instituto de Estudios Superiores IESA, in Caracas Venezuela.

Her brand targets successful and empowered adult women. Irma’s designs are sober with straight lines, where timelessness predominates and is immersed in all her collections.

To create such unique garments, Irma uses fabrics of the highest quality found in Venezuela and other countries where linen predominates.

JETLAGMODE is an unexpected journey through fashion and art, a window to find inspiration and exclusive products full of authenticity and history.

Its founder, Carolina Baena, is a Colombian designer recognized by her special style. Bold, unique and colorful are the characteristics that define her style and are undeniable stamps on each of her pieces. 

Her collections are proof of her constant desire to rescue local art, to convey the story of each one of those wonderful places that have stolen her attention. Her designer soul is always latent, not only from having studied Industrial Design and Fashion Design, but because this is her lifestyle, it's her essence reflected in everything she does. 

Jo Aguirre, a young fashion designer from Caracas, grew up with the desire to enter the fashion world from an early age. She is currently known under her own brand, Jo Aguirre, and like a true artist at the time of creating used the slogan "Fashion is an art". Since early 2009 her creations have come alive with affection for Venezuela.

 Aguirre delivers true pieces of art in each of her creations, whether in her high fashion line, or her clutches and totes. Aguirre’s pieces are marketed in Venezuelan designer stores like Iskia Las Mercedes, Altamira Village and Paseo El Hatillo, Ajabu in Plaza Las Americas and Michelle Couture on the 5th floor of Tolon Fashion Mall, as her Resort Line designed exclusively for Beco stores, as well as her corporate line that has allowed her to dress important companies such as Avior Airlines, Estelar Airlines Latin America and VIP Mercantil Seguros who are currently wearing uniforms designed and made in Jo Aguirre’s atelier, began her formal studies in Venezuela at the prestigious Instituto de Diseño Brivil and later went to the United States to the recognized Art Institute.

 Her most recent collection Drishti comes from the word dris which in Sanskrit means “to see” ( also translated as "focus point" ). The true look is directed internally to develop this inner gaze and bring the senses inward. To retract the senses from the outside is to accept that external stimuli will never satisfy the source of desires that arise from the mind.

 The high fashion pieces of Jo Aguirre are characterized by being exclusive since the laser cuts are her personal seal. Monochromatic pieces that dress the woman in a single color head-to-toe, making them look taller and thinner. This designer seeks to highlight the image of cosmopolitan women with exclusive designs, fresh and avant-garde to embody the different roles of their day to day.

A Venezuelan brand founded 7 years ago by Victoria Lara and Joana Jahn is inspired by today’s woman. Lara and Jahn design simple and delicate handmade pieces using materials such as gold-filled pearls and semiprecious stones. One of the highlights of their brand is the excellent quality and versatility of the materials. The predominance of gold in combination with colored crystals and pearls make our pieces the ideal accessory for any type of clothing. Kayli seeks to give every woman a chic and stylish touch. We consider every detail in making of our garments, which is why Kayli is such a successful brand. Kayli also creates their own line of chains long or short with infinite variety.

Kayli comes through with an approach of simplicity, delicacy and distinction.

LAO is a smart and casual apparel line created for active people with a sense of style. LAO is perfect for those who appreciate value and high quality garments. 

LAO is a back to basics apparel line that focuses on style. 

LAO manufactures high quality comfortable fabrics featuring flattering silhouettes with a relaxed fit. 

We are a new proposal for a relaxed style!

We are a Colombian jewelry brand with exclusives handmade designs that tell stories, highlighting the unique style of each woman.
Nature and different cultures inspire us to make each of our pieces special.

Venezuelan fashion designer with Costa Rican roots, she graduated from Brivil Fashion Institute in Caracas, Venezuela. She first started as a fashion illustrator of great Venezuelan designers. Then she moved to Los Angeles, California where she worked for a successful Venezuelan company in the area of ​​mass production. Among its assignments was to be a fashion buyer, a job that she completed at the most important fashion fairs.

Mariana learned very clear ideas for doing business, choosing textiles and supplies, dealing with clients and suppliers and knowing how fast the fashion world moves.

In Brazil she had the opportunity to know and contribute ideas to Bamboo bathing suits and returned to Venezuela with the idea of ​​making only bathing suits. This brand was named COCOA SWIMWEAR.

 In 2011 she opened her atelier in Caracas. Due to the demand for casual garments she focused on launching her own brand, betting on a line ready to wear for women. In 2014 RENAISSANCE came to light, under the name of Mariana Camacho. She said goodbye to her brand COCOA Swimwear but not to making bathing suits. They remain for their most exclusive clients in the Atelier.

 "Our future is uncertain, we know that hard, honest work has taken us where we are ... But we want to be even further, so we have to keep working"

Our contemporary t-shirts line is made and designed in Caracas, Venezuela. Conceived for women of free spirit, casual and active, who likes to be fashionable but without losing her essence and simpleness.

Masterpiece's premise is to create versatile, fun and original pieces that fit any style and personality. Committed in creating original items, designed for the most urban and versatile woman, who at any time of day and occasion likes to be fashionable. All this inspired in our beautiful Venezuela, a country to love, which is reflected in most of our pieces.

Masterpiece team is dedicated to the production of quality pieces, led by Adriana Angarita, who is a social communicator with a specialization in audiovisual production and advertising. María Alejandra Bellardi studied fashion and graphic design and is the Artist in charge of painting our line of shoes and shirts ACUARELA. Both share a love for fashion and that is why they decided to merge their knowledge and skills to create what today is known as MASTERPIECE.

No Pise La Grama house of fashion based in Caracas main attributes are dedication and innovation; both premises that have positioned as a favorite among the fashion connoisseurs.

The brand was founded in 2007 by it’s designer, Daniela Panaro, who studied fashion in her native Caracas, and in FIT, New York. Since its introduction, NPLG became known for its clean cuts and Latin allure. Within the first year, No Pise La Grama received an invitation to present its collection alongside the Italian line Costume National, and has been published in several specialized articles in Venezuela and internationally, such as in People en Español, Vogue Mexico and Latin America, amongst others.

NPLG has achieved important alliances; as one with Coca-Cola Light. Together they introduced a TV commercial, starring Daniela Panaro, which portrayed her work from No Pise La Grama’s atelier, “Always extraordinary” was the slogan. Coca-Cola Light later recaptured the audience’s attention with the debut of a can designed by the Venezuelan brand. This product landed in several establishments and media outlets and became a collectible.

For No Pise La Grama, giving back is crucial, which is the main reason behind its compromise in working side by side with several NGOs.

NPLG creates its collections from its atelier in Caracas, with a team of 100% women, all from different backgrounds. The pieces are made with love and executed with great dedication.
 Through her course as director and designer for No Pise La Grama, Daniela Panaro has become Venezuela’s fashion ambassador in the world by being part of Global Shapers community of the World Economic Forum; an honor she obtained for being leader in the industry. She has been invited by the WEF to represent Venezuela and Latin America in different events including Davos. Panaro is ambassador of Venezuela for the United Nations’ initiative, Women´s Entrepreneurship Day.

Océane was founded in 2016 as an amazing effort to create modern and sophisticated swimwear with a strong social awareness, while keeping the environmental impact as minimal as possible.

The swimwear is manufactured in Colombia by women who are breadwinners and only use high quality fabrics and materials with a low environmental footprint. 

At Océane, we want to partner with our consumer to deliver an extremely high quality product, while being conscious of our environment.

Since 2009, Natalia and Marcela Piedrahita, two sisters united by their creativity and love for design, created Pajarolimon, a colombian jewerly brand inspired by their travels, love for foreign cultures and curiosities found in day-to-day life.

 Pajarolimon’s philosophy builds on timeless designs and principles that avoid what we see as short-lived trends and fads. We offer our clients a way to feel unique and express their femininity in a subtle but powerful way, being versatile, diverse, and authentic.

 Our products are made with high-quality, conflict free materials such as 24-karat gold plate, sterling silver, bronze, Swarovski crystals and a variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

Each piece is delicately handcrafted in Medellin, Colombia by skilled local craftswomen from low-income families, who pay close attention to details to maintain our highest quality standards.

Johanna Ortiz Creative Director and Adriana Arboleda Executive Director

 Johanna Ortiz brand has been recognized in Colombia for more than 15 years and today it is part of the exclusive iconic international stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Bergdorf Goodman, among others. Her designs have been published in magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and others and used by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Olivia Palermo and several others.

Adriana is a recognized Colombian model and presenter with more than 25 years of experience in communications and public relations. Her sensitivity to fashion and her vast experience as a public guru have given her all the leadership qualities necessary to empower women and lead a brand that promotes a conscious, cultured and sensitive lifestyle.

For Vanessa Arcila, to have known the mystique and the tradition that surrounds hanzi, the ancient art of oriental writing has been so significant and special that the universe surrounding these legendary characters served as a starting point for developing her jewelry line. That’s how TAO was born and since 2011 has structured a proposal that goes beyond traditional jewelry to recreate innovative designs, which become pieces that are true statements for those who wear them.

Tao is grounded by an exhaustive work of exploration in terms of materials and forms, whose objective has been to seal a strong stamp on the line; proof of this, is the inclusion of the emerald and the incalculable aesthetic possibilities that it offers in its original state. This gemstone has become one of the insignia of her designs, which together with exclusive pieces of bronze plated in 24-karat gold, give life to bracelets, rings, earrings, or shockers, which form jewels of interesting geometric shapes. These representative features have been decisive for highlighting the brand in Colombia and providing it, a promising international projection. The ingenious implementation that Vanessa has made of the emerald in innovative jewelry, earned her in 2014 the recognition of the National Emerald Federation of Colombia as ambassador of the Colombian emerald in the world. Her work is considered a pioneer, and it should be noted that 95% of the emeralds of Colombia are exported without design or added value, which makes a jewelry line like Tao, a proposal that transcends the traditional model and represents the potential of the emerald in pieces of modern jewelry, designed and made in Colombia.

VerdelimónDesigner and Instituto Marangoni Paris alumn, Silvia de Brigard established her avant-garde swimsuit line in Colombia and offers everything from tropical-inspired one piece swimsuits, oversized bow-style bikini tops, and high-waisted bottoms with silhouettes that favor all body-types. Inspired by the colors, flowers and landscapes of her travels- her collections perfectly represents Brigard's sophisticated style and each piece is handmade to reflect feminine, attractive, and romantic looks for your next get-away.